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Sound and mise-en-scene


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Hope Sneddon

I liked this film. I found the narration by Linda to be an aspect of the film that caught my attention the most. It felt unique and provided a sense of innocence to the scenes. I liked the way that Linda seemed very in tune with the environment around her. She talked about the way the wheat spoke to her in her dreams, and she had thoughts about being a mud Dr. For the farmer the landscape was his income and he relied on it to survive. For Linda the landscape was a place to explore and interact with in a way that stemmed from her curiosity of her surroundings.

Lily Miller

Compared to the last film I enjoyed this film more. There seemed to be more of a plot and story line in this film, Days of Heaven. Although at first it was a bit difficult to follow, overall the development between characters and the action in the movie were easy to follow.

Amy Elder

I loved the nature in this film. It was very beautiful and the way it was filmed made me feel like I was actually there. The shots that seemed hand held made me feel as if I was working alongside Abby and Bill or as if I was wading through the wheat fields catching grasshoppers. I also enjoyed the music and the different sound effects. It was interesting to see a movie that was told with visuals and sounds/music instead of just a storyline and the actors. I think this movie really shows just how expressionistic and poetic Malick is.

Jose Arredondo

Days oh Heaven was a bit slow for my liking but i still enjoyed Malick's familiar style in this film. Like in his last film Malick relied on the scenery and the movements of the characters to tell the story, and he accentuated this by using very little dialogue throughout the film. The one thing that stayed with me was at the end when Linda said that we all have good and evil in us, this to me tied directly to the farmer who had bad intentions by the end of the film thanks to the broken society that Abby and Bill represented.

Anna Markee

I enjoyed Days of Heaven, just as I enjoyed Badlands. Once again, Malick did an excellent job of connecting nature to the film and mixing the plot with shots of the environment. Also, I was easily able to identify the way that angles were used in Days of Heaven after we discussed their significance. The main usage of angles that I noticed in this movie was the high angle shots of the farmer to signify his importance and power. One thing that I really liked about this movie was that we were able to see nature through Linda's eyes. There were several times where Linda described what she saw in the outside world to the viewers. I thought this was a very craft way for Malick to signify the importance of what was going on in the natural world outside the plot of the movie.

Josh Noble

I think I liked Badlands more than Days of Heaven. I appreciated critique of society found in Kit and Holly's narrative more than the plot of Days of Heaven. I've also liked linking Malik's films together as far as common themes go. I'll be interested to see how The New World adds to my understanding of Malik's style.

Josh Noble

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Lisa King

I found "Badlands" to be a little easier to follow and the symbolism to be a little more direct, so in that respect I did like it more. What I enjoyed about "Days of Heaven" was how the use of sound and music really help drive the storyline how essential it was to the film, which made it different and unique.

Lauren Hiland

I liked this film alot more than I liked Badlands. I feel like the characters had better depth, and reason behind their actions. I was a bit confused when a plane full of preformers just kinda randomly dropped out of the sky, but other than that I feel like I could follow the story easily. My favorite scene would have to be during the fire while all the wheat was burning, the power and symbolism that scene showed was really good. I enjoyed the landscape and music also. I found it really interesting that at some points in the film, you could see charcters talking but some other noise was covering up their words. I'm looking forward to viewing the film The New World.

Mason Brause

I found it interesting how similar the two movies we have seen are even though they are from different genres. There were alot of Malick's signatures in each film such as the voice over, an emphasis on nature and landscapes. I didn't find the motivation of the characters to be as unclear and they didn't seem as detached from reality. That along with the close-ups of the wildlife helped make Days of Heaven more interesting than badlands.

Melissa Werner

I also really enjoyed Linda's narration in this movie. Both when it complimented and when it contrasted what was happening in the scene. I think that having the story told from the perception of a young girl is perfect, since one of my biggest impressions after watching this movie is that nearly all of the characters seem extremely naive. In the very beginning, Bill doesn't realize at first that he has killed the man, and as soon as he does, he just runs away. Later, when he is suggesting that Abby get on good terms with, and marry, the Farmer, he doesn't seem to consider all of the many things that could (and did) go wrong. He also doesn't seem to consider that people are being hurt by this - after all, he overheard the doctor talking to the Farmer (because eavesdropping is SO reliable), and figured that the Farmer would just drop dead anytime, and there would be no problems. I feel like Abby was the one who was most aware of the gravity of the situation - but she still did it. I also think she was surprisingly naive when she believed that Linda would be content at the boarding school. We also hear both of Linda's friends complaining that they were fooled by men. Probably the sharpest character was the foreman, although in the end he clearly assumes that Bill killed the Farmer intentionally (although the reality is that he did it in self-defense). I feel like despite everything that the characters say to each other, no one really understands anyone else in this movie. What I wonder though, is what would the story have been like from a more mature character's viewpoint? Would the characters still seem so naive, or is it because a young girl is our storyteller?
By the way, I may have misunderstood this, but was there actually anything wrong with the Farmer? I'd like to watch the movie again to see if there is an indication of what he and the doctor were talking about...

Lucas Ashland

My impression of Days of Heaven is that it was one that was easily enjoyed on the first viewing, but I feel like if I watched it over again I may enjoy it more than the first time. It took me a good thirty minutes to figure out what was actually going on in the movie between the farmer, Bill and Abby. I actually had to look up what their names were on wikipedia while watching the movie because the film never seemed to reference their names.

There are also details from the reading from this weeks chapter that I never noticed in the movie. For example, I never thought about how the film could be an almost, "antiwestern" and how the movie sets itself up to look and feel like a western but fails to follow through with western cliches. I would also be able to focus more on the music and scenery the second time I watch it because I wouldn't be so lost about what the overall plot is supposed to be about.


Days of Heaven was not my cup 'o tea. I found it very unfulfilling, static and even a little depressing. When the film was over I did not find myself wanting to watch it again at all. But as I completed this week's reading I started to take a second look at the film and it's started to grow on me. The fact that Malick set it up to look like a western, yet destroyed everyone's preconceived notions about what a western was was very enlightening. It really helped me appreciate the movie more. Although even after my great paradigm shift that came with the reading the sense of depression is still present. So after all the realizations I came to, I still have to say that I don't really like the movie, yet I'd still watch it a few more times to get a better understanding of it.

Also, I'm very sorry this is done so late. If this can't be accepted to late please let me know in class today.

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